Final Piece.

Above is my final piece for my make-up photography project. For my final idea I wanted something different than all my other photographs i felt using more than one model in a picture would stand out more compared to my other photographs i have taken in my photography project. Each of my six models had a different colour make-up in their face relating to a meaning in a culture.

I found taking this photograph hard as it was difficult to get the professional feel i had in my other photographs into this one with six people, however i am proud of the outcome.

The colours:

Pink (back)= The idea of the pink wavy line came from Cherokee culture because the believe the colour pink is soothing. The wavy line is to suggest calmness and tranquillity as it is very simple and an over the top pattern wouldn’t  fit with the meaning. I also used a calm pink, not too bright to confirm the soothing feel.

Grey (far left) = The colour grey in Feng Shui means strength. Strength took me a while to think of a make-up that related to the colour and meaning. Finally i came up with the idea of a chain. The chain down the models face in my photograph symbolises strength because the links mean its unbreakable. I also asked my model to have quite a sinister look on her face in the photograph to emphasise strength and make her look powerful. Further more i used a dark grey and shaded the sides to make the chain look realistic and really noticeable.

Gold (far right) = In Thailand people see the colour gold as the colour of greed. I tried to emphasise the meaning of greed in my photograph by using gold glitter around the eyes, nose and mouth of my model used. I used the eyes, nose and mouth because i thought they would be the places greed would be taken.

Green (front)= The colour green in the western is seen as the colour of envy. I showed envy through focusing on big green make-up surrounding the eyes. Envy made me think of the look given when you envy something, which is why i based the green make-up around the eyes and used lots of black eye make-up on my model to make her look more evil. Again i asked my model to have quite a sinister face in the photographs to emphasise the make-up.

White (middle left) = In Apache people see the colour white as the source of snow. For my photography i tried to interpret the idea of snow into my make-up by making my model look like a snow queen. I tried to gain the snow queen idea from the white lips, white icicle-like eye detail and the blue eyes.

Purple (middle right) = In Hebrew people believe the colour purple is an apatite suppressant meaning that the colour purple makes you want to avoid eating. For this photograph i made the make-up straight forward with just a purple cross across the lips indicating no eating. I asked my model to do quite an angry face as if she was biting something or really wanted to eat something but couldn’t to emphasise the meaning of the colour.

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